Uruguay in the Worldvision Song Contest Edit

Uruguay has announced their debut in Worldvision #5. Natalia Kills will be first ever Uruguayan entrant. She will perform Kill My Boyfriend. Natalia already qualified to Grand Final of WSC #5 and because of that Uruguay is the most succesful South American country in Worldvision (Uruguay is the only country from South America who has ever qualified to the Grand Final). Natalia came 9th in Semi-Final 1 and gain wildcard, that's why she qualified while being out of top 7. Kill My Boyfriend came 20th making best Uruguayan placing so far. Uruguay took part in #6 with J.D Natasha and the song Lagrimas. Uruguay placed 22nd with 48 points. For #7, Uruguay will be represented by Cobra Starship feat. Sabi with the song You Make Me Feel... Uruguay qualified to the final and this time ended 12th with 95 points which is Uruguay's best result ever. Cobra Starship is back again for Uruguay in #8, but with Kiss my Sass.

Editions Artist Song F Pts SF Pts
#5 Natalia Kills Kill My Boyfriend 20 66 9 67
#6 J.D Natasha Lagrimas 22 48 6 64
#7 Cobra Starship feat. Sabi You Make Me Feel Good 12 95 1 95
#8 Cobra Starship Kiss my Sass  X X 15 23

Participations: 4

Best result: 12th: #7

Worst result: Last: #8 SF3

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