Ukraine in the Worldvision Song Contest:

Ukraine made their debut in WSC #4 Yerevan but was DSQ for not voting in the Semi-Final. DSQ entry was Elka and her song Na Vosdushnom Share. Although withdrawing from #5, there is a huge chance that Ukraine will return to #6 with a new player. Ukraine will officially return to the 6th edition with Svetlana Loboda and 40 Gradusov. However, once again, Ukraine was disqualified for not voting.

Debut Edition: #4
Participation: 2 (0 finals) 
Best Result: DSQ: #4, 6 SF's
Worst Result: DSQ: #4, 6 SF's
Editions Artist Song F Pts SF Pts
#4 Elka Na Vosdushnom Share X X DSQ 48
#6 Svetlana Loboda  40 Gradusov  X X DSQ 46

Participations: 2

Best result: DSQ: #4, 6

Worst result: DSQ: #4, 6

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