Thailand in the Worldvision Song Contest:

Thailand made their debut by failing to qualify to the WSC #4 Grand Final with 3.2.1 feat. Baitoey and their song Splash Out. They came 9th. How Far Is Near will represent Thailand in WSC #5 with the song Getsunova. Thailand failed to qualify for a second time in a row. Thailand did not give up and sent Ying Li Sichumphon and the song You Will Be Loved. Thailand failed to qualify once again, as they came 10th with 52 points. Da Endorphine will represent Thailand in #7 with the song I Need You By My Side. Da failed to qualify for the final. However, Thailand will send Tuet and Kratae Rsiam to represent Thailand in #8.

Editions Artist Song F Pts SF Pts
#4 3.2.1 feat. Baitoey Splash Out X X 9 57
#5 Getsunova How Far Is Near X X 13 46
#6 Ying Li Sichumphon You Will Be Loved X X 10 52
#7 Da Endorphine I Need You By My Side X X 13 25
#8 Kratae Rsiam Tuet 20 53 10 50

Participations: 5

Best result: 20th: #8

Worst result: 13th: #7 SF