Sweden in the Worldvision Song Contest:

Sweden has been present in every edition so far; making a debut along with 19 other countries in the first edition in Vilnius, Lithuania with Agnes Carlsson and the song Nothing Else Matters (Veritas). They finished 9th with 56 points. At the next edition, they fell in terms of results, with Molly Sanden and the song My Hands Around My Heart only getting them 16th with 49 points. At the next contest in neighbouring Finland, they chose Anna Bergendahl and The Army to represent them. Since they were not the host country, Sweden had to perform in one of the semi finals for a spot in the final. They were drawn into the second semi final and was given number 9 in the running order, following Hungary and preceding Serbia. Sweden qualified from the semi final coming 1st with 104 points. Sweden was given number 7 in the final running order, following Albania and preceding The Netherlands. Sweden finished 6th with 93 points. Sweden is currently participating in the fourth edition, with Melissa Horn and the song Hanna, their first song in Swedish. Sweden participated in the 1st semi final in 14th position, following Montenegro and preceding Austria. Sweden qualified for the final on August 10th. At the semi final winner's conference, Sweden was given number 7 in the running order, following Austria and preceding the host country Armenia. Sweden decided that Amanda Fondell with All This Way will represent them in WSC #5. Amanda failed to qualify making it first Worldvision final without Sweden in it. Amanda Jenssen with Ghost will represent Sweden in Worldvision #6. Sweden qualified to the final after missing it last time and placed 19th with 58 points. Sweden also received the wildcard of the 1st semi final. Sweden will take part in #7 with Loreen and her song Sober. Sweden qualified to the final and came 9th with 108 points. Sweden will take part in #8 with Ulrik Munther and Tell The World I'm Here. They quaified for the final and Sweden ended in 6th place with 131 points. Sweden will take part in #9 with Miriam Bryant and her song Push Play. 

Participations: 9

Best Result: 6th: #3

Worst Result: DSQ: #9 SF3

Editions Artist Song F Pts SF Pts
#1 Agnes Carlsson Nothing Else Matters (Veritas) 9 56 X X
#2 Molly Sanden My Hands Around My Heart 16 49 X X
#3 Anna Bergendahl The Army 6 93 1 104
#4 Melissa Horn Hanna 12 94 6 62
#5 Amanda Fondell All This Way X X 14 44
#6 Amanda Jenssen Ghost 19 58 8 53
#7 Loreen Sober 9 108 2 92
#8 Ulrik Munther Tell The World I'm Here 6 131 1 100
#9 Miriam Bryant Push Play X X DSQ 54

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