South Korea in the Worldvision Song Contest:

South Korea debuted in WSC #4 Yerevan with band Girl's Day and song Female President. They qualified to the Grand Final and it is yet to know what place they will get. In the end, they came 23rd with 36 points, tied last with Armenia. They barely made it out of the semi final, coming 11th with 40 points, and getting the lucky wildcard from Naglis. For #5 South Korea chose Davichi & T-ara with We Were In Love. Unfortunately, South Korea failed to qualify this time. However, they didn't give up. Because South Korea sent EXO with Wolf to represent them in Reykjavik. Unfortunately, once again, South Korea failed to qualify for the final, coming 14th (second last) with 33 points. For #7, South Korea will be represented by Korean-Australian singer Dami Im and the song Alive. This will be South Korea's first song in English. Dami qualified to the grand final, the first time South Korea qualified since their debut. After two terrible semi final exits, Dami won the contest for South Korea which means that #8 will be held in Seoul. Ailee will represent the host country with her song U&I. Ailee came 4th. 

Editons Artist Song F Pts SF Pts


Girl's Day Female President 23 36 11 40
#5 Davichi & T-ara We Were In Love X X 10 36
#6 EXO Wolf  X X 14 33
#7 Dami Im  Alive  1 179 2 91
#8 Ailee U&I 4 141 X X
#9 TVXQ Something X X 11 23
#10 2NE1 Come Back Home 13 76 11 54
#11 Dami Im Super Love 1 193 1 132
#12 Girls Day Darling 12 71 X X
#13 Park Boram Beautiful 24 33 9 49
#14 Ailee Heaven  11 61 6 71
#15 Girls Generation Whisper X X 15 25
#16 EXID Ah Yeah X X 16 31

Participations: 8

Best result: 1st: #7, #11

Worst result: 15th: #15 SF