South Africa in the Worldvision Song Contest:

South Africa will debut in the upcoming Worldvision #5 with Rinel Day & Henri Alant and their song Een Somersaand. This duo will also perform in the Grand Final in Mexico City because South African debut reached the final. South African duo came 23rd. Rinel Day was back in #6 with DJ speel dit weer which was South Africa's second song in Worldvision. For the first time, South Africa failed to qualify, but coming close; 8th with 53 points. South Africa sent Byron Keno with Breathe in Love to represent them at #7, and they qualified to the grand final and came 23rd with only 58 points. South Africa has not responded to any messages, so it is likely that South Africa will not take part in #8. 

Editions Artist Song F Pts SF Pts
#5 Rinel Day & Henri Alant Een Somersaand 23 52 6 70
#6 Rinel Day  DJ Speel dit Weer X X 8 53
#7 Byron Keno Breathe in Love  23 58 6 66

Participations: 3

Best result: 23rd: #5, #7

Worst result: 8th: #6SF2

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