Serbia in the Worldvision Song Contest:

Serbia made their WSC debut in #2 Warsaw with DJ Shone feat. Goca Trzan & Challe Salle with their song Volim Do Kraja. They came 25th with 18 points and were only ahead of El Salvador. For #3 Serbia chose Saša Kovačevic and his Balkan summer hit Slučajno. Saša came 3rd in Semi-Final and 12th in Grand Final making it best Serbian result in Worldvision. For #4 Serbia chose Željko Vašic feat. Cvija & T-Blazer with song Zanjiši Kukovima. They failed to qualify for the final. DJ Shone feat Natasa Bekvalac will represent Serbia in the 5th edition with Gram Ljubavi. After one edition brake in finals of Worldvision, Serbia qualified for the second time in WSC history. Wildcard didn't helped Serbia, they came last. For #6, Serbia sent Jovana Nikolic and Moli, Moli. Serbia failed to qualify for the grand final of Worldvision #6, placing 13th with 42 points. After voting in the final, Serbia announced that they would withdraw from #7 for a break, but could more than likely return in #8. After originally announcing they would withdraw, Serbia reversed their decision and sent Milica Todorović with the song Sve je Uzalud. Serbia failed to qualify for the final again. For #8 Serbia chose Mc Stojan feat. Allegro Band & DH Music with Ajmo Svi.

Editions Artist Song F Pts SF Pts
#2 DJ Shone feat. Goca Trzan & Challe Salle Volim Do Kraja (Волим До Краја) 25 18 X X
#3 Saša Kovačevic Slučajno (Случајно) 12 65 3 88
#4 Željko Vašic feat. Cvija & T-Blazer Zanjiši Kukovima (Зањиши Куковима) X X 13 34
#5 DJ Shone feat. Natasa Bekvalac  Gram Ljubavi (Грам Љубави) 25 35 13 32
#6 Jovana Nikolic  Moli, Moli (Моли Моли) X X 13 42
#7 Milica Todorović Sve je Uzalud X X 9 54
#8 Mc Stojan feat. Allegro Band & DH Music Ajmo Svi 24 35 6 66
#9 Emina Jahovic  Opet Si Sa Njom  13 80 5 65
#10 Igor Garnier ft. Zeljko Samardzic Marija  5 115 5 76

Participations: 9

Best result: 5th: #10

Worst result: 13th: #4 SF

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