Worldvision Song Contest was created by NaglisA. Admins: Canyon Cam & AggroSantosFan2441 (Youtube names).

Each country member submits a song to be performed and then casts votes for the other countries songs to determine the most popular song in the competition. Contest is inspired by Eurovision Song Contest, which is an annual competition held among many of the active member countries of Europe.

Links to all editionsEdit

Editions City Participants Winner
#1 Vilnius, Lithuania 20 Poland
#2 Warsaw, Poland 26 Finland
#3 Helsinki, Finland 34 Armenia
#4 Yerevan, Armenia 50 Mexico
#5 Mexico City, Mexico 56 Iceland
#6 Reykjavik, Iceland 49 United Kingdom
#7 London, U.K 41 South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

47 Norway
#9 Oslo, Norway 41 Germany
#10 Berlin, Germany 37 United Kingdom
#11 Belfast, U.K 41 South Korea
#12 Busan, South Korea 40 Switzerland
#13 Bern, Switzerland 37 Finland
#14 Espoo, Finland 33 United Kingdom
#15 Cambridge, U.K 36 France
#16 Paris, France 38 Latvia
#17 Riga, Latvia 37 Denmark
#18 Copenhagen, Denmark TBA TBA

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