San Marino in the Worldvision Song Contest:

San Marino made their debut in #4 Yerevan with their Eurovision 2012; 2013; 2014 entrant Valentina Monetta. She performed song called Una Giornata Bellissima but failed to qualify, coming 13th with 38 points, including one 12 point which came from Ireland. Moda together with Emma (representative of Italy in 2nd edition in Warsaw) represented San Marino in WSC #5 Mexico City with the song Arrivera. Moda feat. Emma became first Sammarinese entrants to qualify to the final and they reached top 10 in the Grand Final. Nina Zilli, Italian representative in Eurovision 2012 will sing for San Marino in #6 Reykjavik with her song Per Sempre. San Marino was disqualified for not voting in the semi final. But a few days before the deadline, the San Marinese player said that he/she would withdraw from #7, so a possible reason for not voting could be the withdrawal from #7. 

Editions Artist Song F Pts SF Pts
#4 Valentina Monetta Una Giornata Bellissima X X 13 38
#5 Moda feat. Emma Arrivera 10 126 7 73
#6 Nina Zilli Per Sempre X X DSQ 50

Participations: 3

Best result: 10th: #5

Worst result: DSQ: #6 SF2

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