Russia in the Worldvision Song ContestEdit

Some attributes
First Appearances: 8
Second Best Result: 16th: #04
Third Worst Result: DSQ (SF): #09
Other attributes
Editions Artist Song F Pts SF Pts
#4 ChinKong feat. Karina High Up 16 71 1 91
#5 Vintage Mikky X X 15 29
#6 DJ Smash feat. Maury  Rendez-Vous  X X 11 38
#9 Dima Bilan ft. Julia Volkova Back To Her Future X X DSQ 71
#13 Theodor Bastard Intifadah X X 15 36
#14 Bi-2 feat. Chicherina Moy Rok-n-roll X X 14 22
#15 Mel'nitsa Dorogi X X 13 48
#16 Oleg Sidorov & Point Charlie Playing With A Life

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