Portugal in the Worldvision Song Contest:

Portugal debuted in WSC #4 Yerevan with group D'ZRT and their song Feeling. They didn't qualify for the final, but came quite close, scoring 10th scoring 54 points, only missing the final (without wildcard) by 13 points. After not qualifying to the final Portugal decided that they will try again with David Carreira. So David will perform in WSC #5 with his song Esta Noite. David is the first Portuguese artist to reach the final for Portugal in WSC. David Carreira came only 21st in the final. However, it is the best place Portugal has ever had in Worldvision. Xutos E Pontapes represented Portugal in #6 with A Minha Casinha. Portugal unfortunately had to stay in the semi final this time, where they came 11th with 32 points. Mariza with the song Rosa Branca will represent Portugal in #7. Portugal failed to qualify once more. Mariza came last in 2nd Semi-Final and after that, Portugal was the only country which didn't vote in the final so this Portuguese player can't send song for #8. Portugal did return in #9, with Secret Lie and Love me until the end of time but they were disqualified in the semi final for not voting. In #10, Portugal returned with a new player, and he sent Pedro Abrunhosa and Não Desistas De Mim. But Portugal came last in the semi final, with only 16 points. 

Editions Artist Song F Pts SF Pts
#4 D'ZRT Feeling X X 10 54
#5 David Carreira Esta Noite 21 64 7 58
#6 Xutos E Pontapes A Minha Casinha  X X 11 32
#7 Mariza Rosa Branca  X X 13 29
#9 Secret Lie Love Me Until The End of Time X X DSQ 64
#10 Pedro Abrunhosa Não Desistas De Mim X X 18 16

Participations: 6

Best result: 21st: #5

Worst result: 18th: #10 SF1