Poland in the Worldvision Song Contest:

Poland debuted in WSC #1 Vilnius, Lithuania with Ewelina Lisowska and her song W Stronę Słonca. Appearently this song became first winner of Worldvision Song Contest with 105 points overall. WSC #2 was taking part in Warsaw, Poland and hosts were Liber feat. Mateusz Mijal with song Winny. They came 12th with 61 point. In Helsinki #3, in both Semi-Final and Grand Final, Poland came 2nd. It was Margaret with Thank You Very Much. Right now Patricia Kazadi is in Yerevan, competing in #4 Grand Final with the song Przerywam Sen. She came 20th overall with 54 points, but in the semi final she came 6th with 70 points. Polish player said that he/she will withdraw and now admins of the contest are searching for new Polish player. On 11th September 2013, a new Polish player has been found and so Poland will continue to participate in the 5th edition in Mexico with Camero Cat and Show Time. Camero Cat bacame first Polish contestants who didn't reached the final of Worldvision. Anna Cyzon was selected by Poland to represent them at #6. Poland didn't vote in the third semi final, so Poland was disqualified and cannot take part in #7. Poland would have come last with only 30 points anyway. 

Editions Artist Song F Pts SF Pts
#1 Ewelina Lisowska W Stronę Słonca 1 105 X X
#2 Liber feat. Mateusz Mijal Winny 12 61 X X
#3 Margaret Thank You Very Much 2 133 2 91
#4 Patricia Kazadi Przerywam Sen 20 54 6 70
#5 Camero Cat Show Time  X X 16 20
#6 Anna Cyzon  Into The Sun X X DSQ 30

Participations: 6

Best result: 1st: #1

Worst results: DSQ: #6 SF