Philippines in the Worldvision Song Contest

The Philippines made their debut in the Worldvision Song Contest at the 8th edition with Sarah Geronimo and the song Won't Last A Day Without You. At the end they were 11th with 112 Points. In the Semi-Final they finally got the wildcard. In the 9th edition was the best result so far : 4th with 132 Points . The Philippines sent Pyramid by Charice feat. Iyaz . In the special edition #10 the philippines had a song in tagalog, the national language . But Regine Velasquez with Tuwing Umuulan just got the 17th with 65 points.


Edition Artist Song F Pts SF Pts
#8 Sarah Geronimo Won't Last A Day Without You 11 112 8 61
#9 Charice feat. Iyaz Pyramid  4 132 3 81
#10 Regine Velasquez Tuwing Umuulan 17 65 6 76
#11 Julie Anne San Jose Enough 22 62 6 71
#12 Nicole Scherzinger Your Love

Participations: 5

Best Result: 4th : #9

Worst Result: 22nd : #11