Moldova in the Worldvision Song Contest:

Moldova debuted in Worldvision in Yerevan with Sasha Lopez feat. Tony T & Big Ali and their song Beautiful Life. Moldova didn't voted in the final but there weren't any rule for non-qualifiers if they had to vote. After not qualifying to the final, Moldovan player decided to withdraw and now the admins of contest are searching for new player for Moldova. On 26th August 2013, a new Moldovan player was found and their entry for #5 will be performed by Sasha Lopez feat. Ale Blake & Broono with the song Everybody Feels Alright. This time Sasha Lopez reached the final. Moldova reached 22nd place in Mexico City.

Editions Artist Song F Pts SF Pts
#4 Sasha Lopez feat. Tony T & Big Ali Beautiful Life X X 12 45
#5 Sasha Lopez feat. Ale Blake & Broono Everybody Feels Alright 22 61 4 79

Participations: 2

Best result: 22nd: #5

Worst result: 12th: #4 SF2

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