Latvia in the Worldvision Song Contest:

Latvia debuted in WSC #3 in Helsinki. Musiqq (Eurovision 2011 Latvia) feat. Dzakomo represented country with song in Russian language Strana Bez Nazvaniya. It came 10th in Semi-Final and 23rd in Grand Final. Right now Latvia is competing in WSC #4 final after Nikolajs Puzikovs with Dievs Tevi Mīl qualified to the Grand Final. Katrine Lukins with Find You' will represent Latvia in Worldvision #5. Latvia qualified to the Grand Final for 3rd time in a row when Katrine Lukins was announced as qualifer. Katrine came 9th making it best Latvian result. Kristīna Zaharova will represent Latvia with the song I Wish I Could Pretend in WSC #6. Latvia never failed to qualify for the final before, and this didn't change, as Latvia qualified and placed 13th with 89 points in the final. Latvia will take part in #7 with Kristīna Zaharova, Annija Putniņa, Jenny May & Elīna Šmukste and their song Uz Četrām Pusēm. For the first time ever, Latvia failed to qualify for the final. They came 10th and it is worst Latvian result in Worldvision history. Madry with Milijons Domu Nakts failed to qualify for Latvia at WSC #8. After failing in #8 (last in the semi) and in #9 (also last in the semi), Latvia qualified, but placed 22nd in #10 with 49 points.

Editions Artist Song F Pts SF Pts
#3 Musiqq feat. Dzakomo Strana Bez Nazvaniya 23 37  10 42
#4 Nikolajs Puzikovs

Devs Tevi Mīl

13 93 4 75
#5 Katrine Lukins Find You 9 131 3 91
#6 Kristīna Zaharova I Wish I Could Pretend 13 89 5 73
#7 Kristīna Zaharova, Annija Putniņa, Jenny May & Elīna Šmukste Uz Četrām Pusēm X X 10 51
#8 Madry Milijons Domu Nakts X X 15 31
#9 Walters & Kazha  Impossible X X 12 20
#10 Aleks Silvers un Liera Stein  Dari To 22 49 7 76
#11 Jenny May Es Neesmu Džeina Fonda 20 67 6 67
#12 Kristine Somase Cirulis 22 48 15 46
#13 Rassel & Edvards Grieze Fire Inside X X 13 42
#14 Astra the 22's Winter Love 10 72 2 92
#15 Bermudu Divisturis Tequila Bomb 13 68 15 37
#16 Lauris Reiniks  Can't Get Over You

Participations: 14

Best result: 9th: #5

Worst result: 15th: #8 SF

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