Kosovo in the Worldvision Song Contest:

Kosovo made their debut by sending world wide singer Rita Ora and her's How We Do (Party). Song came 5th out of 20 and earned 12 points from host country Lithuania. In the 2nd edition it was Kristine Elezaj with Light Years who reached 6th place in Warsaw, Poland. Besa feat. LLP performed in Helsinki in #3 and succesfully qualified to the Grand Final with Burning. In the final they came 13th. In #4 Kosovo sent Blero feat. Maria and their Një Moment. Song failed to qualify to the Grand Final. Kosovo didn't voted in the final but they didn't had to so they weren't DSQ from WSC #5.Kosovo sent Leonora Jakupi with the song Se Ndaloj for WSC #5 which has also failed to qualify to Grand Final. After some players had dissatisfaction with the fact that Kosovo is in the contest, Kosovo will have to withdraw.

Editions Artist Song F Pts SF Pts
#1 Rita Ora How We Do (Party) 5 73 X X
#2 Kristine Elezaj Light Years 6 76 X X
#3 Besa feat. LLP Burning 13 62 5 69
#4 Blero feat. Maria Një Moment X X 8 50
#5 Leonora Jakupi Se Ndaloj X X 12 41

Participations: 5

Best result: 5th: #1

Worst result: 8th: #4 SF1

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