Indonesia in the Worldvision Song Contest:

Indonesia debuted in the second edition of Worldvision Song Contest held Warsaw with the French Eurovision 2012 representative, Anggun, and her song "Jadi Milikmu (Crazy)". Anggun finished 18th with 46 points.

Sherina Munaf was the second representative of Indonesia in Worldvision. In Semi-Final she reached 7th place with her song "Pergilah Kau", hence she qualified to the final. In the Grand Final Indonesia came 18th once again. Although Sherina earned 47 points—one point ahead Anggun, which made "Pergilah Kau" the best placing Indonesian entry.

In Yerevan for #4, Indonesia sent Alena Wu with her Mandarin love song "Dearest Love (最亲爱的)". Her song failed to qualify, however her final result—eighth place—was very close to reach the Grand Final.

Bunga Citra Lestari & Christian Bautista represented the country in Worldvision Song Contest #5 with their song "Tetaplah Di Hatiku" and failed to qualify. It was the second time in a row Indonesia failed to qualify to the Grand Final. Also they scored their lowest points received ever with this entry.

In contrast, Adera with his song "Lebih Indah" represented Indonesia in the next edition of the contest scored a best placing yet for any Indonesian entry. After two attempts, he successfully brought the country back to the final, and came 17th with 73 points.

Indonesia sent the song "Janji Suci" by Yovie and Nuno and "Kau Harus Bahagia" by Sammy Simorangkir for #7 and #8 respectably, and both failed to qualify for the final. The former came 13th with only 34 points, and the latter scored merely 48 points.

Indonesia's luck is beginning to improve, as they qualified in both #9 and #10, whereas in #10 they marked their best result ever, 7th; the first time Indonesia reached the top 10.

Editions Artist Song English Translations F Pts. SF Pts.
#2 Anggun "Jadi Milikmu (Crazy)" Be yours (Crazy) 18 46 X X
#3 Sherina Munaf "Pergilah Kau" Go away 18 47 7 72
#4 Alena Wu "Dearest Love (最亲爱的)" X X 8 62
#5 Bunga Citra Lestari & Christian Bautista "Tetaplah di Hatiku" Stay in my heart X X 14 31
#6 Adera "Lebih Indah" Lovelier 17 73 2 86
#7 Yovie & Nuno "Janji Suci" Sacred oath X X 13 34
#8 Sammy Simorangkir "Kau Harus Bahagia" You must be happy X X 10 48
#9 Judika feat. Duma Riris "Sampai Akhir" Until the end 17 61 8 47
#10 Petra Sihombing "Mine" 7 103 10 56
#11 Maudy Ayunda "Cinta Datang Terlambat" Love comes too late 15 80 7 65

Participations: 9

Best result: 7th: #10

Worst result: 14th: #5 SF

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