Hungary in the Worldvision Song Contest:

Hungary made their debut in #1 with Heincz Gabor and his song Learning To Let Go. He came 10th out of 20 and it is best Hungarian placing since. In Warsaw for #2 it was Tibor Kocsis with Miracle who reached 17th place for his home country. Crystal failed to qualify to the Grand Final of WSC #3 in Helsinki with the song Hiv A Vegtelen. She came 14th with 28 points. Right now Lilla Polyak is doing her best for Hungary with I Gotta Fly. She already qualified for Grand Final and placed 10th. Hungary withdrew from WSC #5. However, for the 9th edition, Hungary will make a return with Bogi and We All

Editions Artist Song F Pts SF Pts
#1 Heincz Gabor Learning To Let Go 10 54 X X
#2 Tibor Kocsis Miracle 17 47 X X
#3 Crystal Hiv A Vegtelen X X 14 28
#4 Lilla Polyak I Gotta Fly 10 96 1 93
#9 Bogi  We All  X X DSQ 63

Participations: 5

Best result: 10th: #1, #4

Worst result: DSQ: #9 SF2

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