Greece in the Worldvision Song Contest:

Greece has participated in all editions so far. In their first appearance (along with 19 other debuting countries) they sent Playmen feat. Helena Paparizou, Courtney & Riskykidd with All The Time. They finished 15th with 43 points overall. For the second edition, they sent Vegas with Akoma which came 24th with 25 points. At the next contest in Helsinki, Finland, they sent REC with Moirazo Filia. They were drawn into the first semi final and was given number 6 in the running order, following Romania and preceding Denmark. Greece qualified from the semi final placing 11th with 32 points. Greece was given the unfortunate number 1 for the final running order, preceding Mexico. Greece finished 16th with 51 points, the second best Greek result so far. Greece is currently taking part in the 4th edition held in Yerevan, Armenia with Kostas Martakis and Ta Kalokairina Ta S'agapo. They were drawn into the third semi final and was given number 9 in the running order, following Croatia and preceding Finland. Greece didn't vote in the final and so Greece was disqualified. Greece has decided that Vegas will represent them once again. For #5 Vegas will perform Osa Eixa. Greece was DSQ once again. This time, they didn't vote in the Semi-Final. After finding a new Greek player, Greece was present at #6 with Eleni Foureira and her song Pio Erotas Pethenis. Greece did not qualify for the final, placing 9th with 38 points. After failing to qualify in #6, Sakis Rouvas & Sirusho successfully brought Greece to the grand final and ended 11th. Greece will be represented by Katerine Avgoustakis and the song Ayo Technology. Greece didn't qualify for the grand final.

Editions Artist Song F Pts SF Pts
#1 Playmen feat. Helena Paparizou, Courtney & Riskykidd All The Time 15 43 X X
#2 Vegas Akoma 24 25 X X
#3 REC Moirazo Filia 16 51 11 32
#4 Kostas Martakis Ta Kalokairina Ta S'Agapo DSQ 67 11 51
#5 Vegas Osa Eixa X X DSQ 53
#6 Eleni Foureira Pio Erotas Pethenis  X X 9 38
#7 Sakis Rouvas feat. Sirusho See  11 99 3 72
#8 Katerine Avgoustakis Ayo Technology X X 12 41
#9 Phatjak feat. P.Mystique Yayo 24 33 7 49
#10 Demy feat. Mike Oso O Kosmos Tha Exei Esena  15 69 8 75
#11 Despina Vandi Xano Esena X X 14 39
#12 Despina Vandi Ola Allazoun

Participations: 12

Best result: 11th: #7

Worst result: DSQ: #5

Finals: 7/10

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