Germany in the Worldvision Song Contest:

Germany debuted in Worldvision #1 with Italobrothers and their song This Is Nightlife. It is best German placing in WSC since #1. Italobrothers came 3rd. For #2 they chose Eurovision 2010 winner and 2011 10th place Lena with Mr. Arrow Key. She came 8th with 69 points. Leslie Clio with I Couldn't Care Less in edition #3 was 5th in the Semi-Final in Helsinki and overtook 3rd place of the Grand Final (Turkey). In the Grand Final though it wasn't so good for her as she was only 18th with 47 points. For #4 in Yerevan Germany chose Zedd feat. Foxes with their hit Clarity. They came 6th in the Grand Final with 115 points. Germany decided that Cascada with the song The World Is In My Hands will represent them in Mexico City for #5. Cascada reached the final and got the 7th place with 142 points, the highest amount of points a German entry ever received. Germany has decided that Ivy Quainoo will represent the nation with her song Wildfires (Light it Up) at #6. Ivy Quainoo came 3rd in the final with 138, equalling their best result ever. Klaas feat. Kim Petras with the song Heartbeat were the German representers in #7. They qualified for the Grand Final and ended up on the 10th place. For #8, Germany tried to keep their record and sent their first German language song ever to the contest, where Helene Fischer and her song Atemlos Durch Die Nacht represented them in Seoul. Helene Fischer successfully reached the final and finished on the 7th place, marking yet another Top 10 position for Germany. After Madeline Juno unfortunately failed in the German preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, she was chosen to try her chance now at edition #9 of the Worldvision Song Contest with her song Error. Madeline won the contest for Germany and so the 10th edition is held in Berlin. For the #10 Berlin edition, Germany sent rapper Cro, who reached the 14th rank with his song Traum. Germany decided that the duo Glasperlenspiel should represent them in #10 in Belfast with the song Moment.

Germany is one of the few countries never to fail to qualify for the Grand Final. 

Debut edition: #1
Participations: 12 (11 finals) 
Best Result: 1st place in edition #9
Worst Result: 18th place in edition #3 


Edition Artist Song Language Final Pts SF Pts
#1 ItaloBrothers This Is Nightlife English 3 86 X X
#2 Lena Mr. Arrow Key English 8 69 X X
#3 Leslie Clio I Couldn't Care Less English 18 47 5 80
#4 Zedd feat. Foxes Clarity English 6 115 4 74
#5 Cascada The World Is In My Hands English 7 142  2 93
#6 Ivy Quainoo Wildfires (Light It Up) English 3 138 4 89
#7 Klaas feat. Kim Petras Heartbeat English  10 107 7 59
#8 Helene Fischer Atemlos Durch Die Nacht German  7 129 6 63
#9 Madeline Juno Error English 1 164 4 85
#10 Cro Traum German 14 72 X X
#11 Glasperlenspiel Moment German 16 75 10 59
#12 Robin Schulz feat. Jasmine Thompson Sun Goes Down English

Voting History:Edit

Germany has given the most points in the Grand Final to:

  1. United Kingom: 54 points
  2. Turkey: 42 points
  3. Lithuania: 37 points
  4. Finland: 36 points
  5. Romania: 34 points
  6. Denmark: 34 points
  7. Poland: 31 points
  8. Estonia: 23 points
  9. France: 23 points
  10. Serbia: 23 points

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