Finland in the Worldvision Song Contest:

Finland has participated in all editions of WSC and has already confirmed who will represent them in WSC #5. For the very first Worldvision Finland chose Isac Elliot with New Way Home and wasn't disappointed with his 4th place and 78 points in Vilnius, Lithuania. #2 is still the best Finnish Worldvision, because Jannika B with the song Seuraavaan Elämään won the Grand Final in Warsaw, Poland and won the right to host the contest. Sunrise Avenue were the hosts of Worldvision #3 and they qualified to the Grand Final automatically. Their song I Don't Dance was only 22nd out of 25 in the Grand Final with 40 points. Eurovision 2013 Finnish representative Krista Siegfrids wascompeting in the Grand Final in Yerevan with Amen! where she came 2nd making Finland one of the most succesful Worldvision countries. Finland chose Studio Killers with Jenny to represent them in WSC #5. Studio Killers failed to qualify to Grand Final, the first time Finland failed to qualify. They came 9th in their semi final. Finland sent Mikael Gabriel feat. Diandra to WSC #6 with Päästä Mut Pois. They qualified to the final, and in the final came 9th with 112 points, which is Finland's 4th best result in Worldvision Song Contest. Ironically, Finland placed 1st in the third semi final with the same amount of points as in the final. Finland will send Jenni Vartiainen and the song Junat ja Naiset to #7, in London. Finland qualified to the grand final once again and ended 14th with 89 points. For #8, Jannika B will be making her return with the song Jääkausi. She qualified to the grand final, but since the Finnish player didn't vote in time, Finland was disqualified. Finland took a break for #9 since they got DSQ but returned in #10 with Diandra and Paha Poika. Finland got back to getting successful results, because Diandra placed 1st in the semi final, and 4th in the grand final. 

Editions Artist Song F Pts SF Pts
#1 Isac Elliot New Way Home 4 78 X X
#2 Jannika B Seuraavaan Elämään 1 123 X X
#3 Sunrise Avenue I Don't Dance 22 40 X X
#4 Krista Siegfrids Amen! 2 148 2 88
#5 Studio Killers Jenny X X 9 49
#6 Mikael Gabriel feat. Diandra Päästä Mut Pois 9 112 1 112
#7 Jenny Vartiainen Junat ja Naiset  14 89 5 78
#8 Jannika B  Jääkausi DSQ 81 1 97
#10 Diandra Paha Poika  4 115 1 107
#11 Robin Kesärenkaat  3 128 3 99
#13 Benjamin Underdogs 1 191 4 81
#14 TCT Rammää 13 59 X X
#15 Janne Orden ft. Edward Handyman 23 45 8 53
#16 Saara Ur Cool

Participations: 14

Best result: 1st: #2

Worst result: DSQ: #8