El Salvador in the Worldvision Song Contest:

El Salvador is probably one of the most unfortunate countries in Worldvision. They participated in first 2 editions and both times came last. In #1 it was REDD with Lo Que Tu Me Das who earned 29 points. In #2 it was OVNI with La Danza Del Sol who earned only 3 points, all from Albania, and came last again. After that El Salvador decided to withdraw. It's unknown if the country will participate ever again; the chances of a return are slim. Over the 2 contests, El Salvador has only scored 32 points; one of the lowest totals in Worldvision. 

Editions Artist Language Song F Pts SF Pts
#1 REDD Spanish Lo Que Tu Me Das 20 29 X X
#2 OVNI Spanish  La Danza Del Sol 26 3 X X

Participations: 2

Best result: 20th: #1

Worst result: 26th: #2

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