Bulgaria in the Worldvision Song Contest:

Bulgaria debuted in the 3rd edition in Helsinki, Finland. They chose Desislava with the song Love Is Alive to represent them. Bulgaria was drawn into the first semi final and was given number 9 in the running order, following Kosovo and preceding The Netherlands. Bulgaria qualified from the semi final getting 1st with 91 points. Bulgaria was given number 11 in the running order of the final, following Romania and preceding Serbia. Bulgaria finished 4th with 101 points at the close of the voting. Bulgaria is currently participating in the 4th edition in Yerevan, Armenia with Krisko feat. Lora Kardjova & Bobo with the song Ministirit Na Veselieto (Министърът На Веселието). Bulgaria was drawn into the 3rd semi final and was given number 1 in the running order, preceding Ukraine. Bulgaria failed to qualify for the final. Bulgaria have sent Bulgarian Eurovision 2012 national final runner-up and Worldvision #3 4th place Desislava to compete once again. My Pleasure, My Pain is the Desislava's song which will take part in WSC #5. This time Desislava didn't reached the final. Bulgaria stated that they would withdraw in #6 after a run of bad results in #4-#5, where they didn't reach the final on both occasions, however Bulgaria will return in #7. But now, Bulgaria will participate with Maria Ilieva and Igraya Stilno. Although Bulgaria did not qualify again, Bulgaria will send Deep Zone feat. Bobo with the song Nyama NE to #7. At #7, Bulgaria qualified to the final for the first time since their debut in #3. It was announced on 2nd February 2014 that Bulgaria will not take part in the 8th edition, but will more than likely return to the 9th edition. Bulgaria announced that they would return to the 9th edition with the Bulgarian group Ice-Cream and the song Zahir

Editions Artist Song F Pts SF Pts
#3 Desislava Love Is Alive 4 101 1 91
#4 Krisko feat. Lora Kardjova & Bobo Ministirit Na Veselieto (Министърът На Веселието) X X 14 18
#5 Desislava My Pleasure, My Pain X X 15 36
#6 Maria Illieva  Igraya Stilno (Играя Стилно)  X X 13 34
#7 Deep Zone feat. Bobo Nyama Ne (Няма Не)  24 53 11 50
#9 Ice Cream  Zahir  22 40 5 58
#10 Krisko Horata Govoryat X X 13 35
#11 Zhana Bergendorff Samuray 5 115 4 79
#13 Santra ft. Pavel & Venci Venc Izgreva I Zaleza X X 16 35

Participations: 9

Best result: 4th: #3

Worst result: 16th: #13 SF

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