Brazil in the Worldvision Song Contest:

Brazil debuted in the 3rd edition of the contest held in Helsinki, Finland with Pra Ser Sincero and the song Engenheiros Do Hawaii. Brazil was drawn into the second semi final and was given number 3 in the running order, following Australia and preceding Turkey. No Brazilian votes were seen and so they were disqualified. Brazil came last in the semi final with only 8 points (3 from Serbia and 5 from Indonesia). On 15th of August 2013, a new Brazilian player was found and so Brazil will be present in the 5th edition. It will be Maria Rita with a song Cara Valente to make a return for Brazil in WSC. Brazil was DSQ once again.

Editions Artist Language Song F Pts SF Pts
#3 Pra Ser Sincero Portuguese Engenheiros Do Hawaii X X DSQ 8
#5 Maria Rita Portuguese Cara Valente X X DSQ 22
#11 Lucas Lucco Portuguese Pra Ta Fazer Lembrar 8 105 10 58
#12 Lucas Lucco Portuguese Destino X X 14 44
#14 Wanessa English Sticky Dough X X 12 29

Participations: 5

Best result: 8th: #11

Worst result: DSQ: #3;5

Points RecievedEdit

Points recieved in semi finals (never qualified to final).

Rank Country Points (Total Given over all contests)
1 Indonesia 5
2  Serbia 3