Azerbaijan in the Worldvision Song Contest:

Azerbaijan made an amazing debut in the 2nd edition in Warsaw. They were represented by AySel and the song Fallin. Since there was no semi final, they finished 10th with 66 points. Azerbaijan confirmed their participation in Helsinki. They were represented by Aygün Kazimova with the song Nankor. They were given number 17 in the running order of the first semi final, following Spain. Azerbaijan didn't vote in their semi final and thus was disqualified. They finished with 35 points and wouldn't have qualified, since there were two other disqualifications. Azerbaijan participated in the 4th edition in Yerevan, Armenia with Safura and Sari Gelin. It was revealed on 9th of August 2013 by one of the admins, Naglis, that Azerbaijan once again got disqualified from the competition. Azerbaijan decided that Eurovision 2011 winner Nikki Jamal will make incredible Azeri placing with Crush On You. This time Azerbaijan voted and Nikki reached the final. She finished 19th, and Azerbaijan hasn't taken part in WSC since. 

Editions Artist Language Song F Pts SF Pts
#2 AySel English Fallin' 10 66 X X
#3 Aygün Kazimova Azerbaijani Nankor X X DSQ 35
#4 Safura Azerbaijani Sari Gelin X X DSQ 52
#5 Nikki Jamal English  Crush On You 19 67 7 60

Participations: 4

Best result: 10th: #2

Worst result: DSQ: #3 and #4

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