Albania debuted in the second edition held in Warsaw, Poland. They sent Alban Skënderaj & Miriam Cani with the song Somebody Hurts. Albania was perhaps the best debut that edition, coming 3rd with 93 points. Despite coming 3rd, Albania had to participate in a semi final at their next appearance in Helsinki, Finland. They chose Elsa Lila and the song Pyes Lotin to represent them. It is their first song in Albanian. Albania was drawn into the first semi final and was given number 11 in the running order, following The Netherlands and preceding Malta. Albania qualified from the semi final coming 9th with 43 points. Albania was given number 6 in the final running order, following United States and preceding Sweden. Albania finished 20th with 43 points, getting the same amount of points as the semi final. Albania withdrew from the 4th edition and will return to #5 with Elhaida Dani and her song S'je Me. Returning to Worldvision was succesful for Albania when it was announced that Elhaida will perform in the Grand Final. It is already announced that Elvana Gjata will represent Albania in WSC #6 with the song Me Ty. Elvana qualified to the Grand Final and came 21st. For #7 Albania chose WSC #1 Kosovo representative Rita Ora (because one of her parents is Albanian). Her song for #7 London is Shine Ya Light. Once again, Albania qualified for the final and will perform 18th, and she ended 17th. For #8, Albania chose Kejsi Tola with S'jemi Më Atje. However, she only qualified by wildcard and in the end came 19th with 58 points. For #9, Albania chose Arilena with Aeroplan. Arilena qualified to the grand final and came 3rd, Albania's best result. In #10, Besa Kokedhima & Jehona Sopi represented Albania with Nuk Jam Ajo. They were the 1st Albanian act not to qualify for the grand final, as they placed 14th with 40 points.
Edition Artist Song F Pts SF Pts
#2 Alban Skënderaj & Miriam Cani Somebody Hurts 3 93 X X
#3 Elsa Lila Pyes Lotin 20 43 9


#5 Elhaida Dani S'je Me 12 123 2 95
#6 Elvana Gjata Me Ty 21 48 5


#7 Rita Ora Shine Ya Light 17 74 4 71
#8 Kejsi Tola  S'jemi Më Atje  19 58 8 58
#9 Arilena  Aeroplan 3 133 3 86
#10 Besa Kokedhima ft. Jehona Sopi Nuk Jam Ajo X X 14 40
#11 Elvana Gjata  Puthe  7 105 1 113
#12 Rita Ora I Will Never Let You Down DSQ 77 3 80

Participations: 9

Best result: 3rd: #2, #9

Worst result: 14th: #10 SF1

Voting History (#2-11)Edit

Albania has taken part from #2-#11; only missing the 4th edition. Below shows how Albania voted in those editions in total. 

Given (Finals only):

Country Points Given
United Kingdom 45
Turkey 39
Finland 36
United States 32
Germany 30